Samuel's Story

Samuel's Story

Samuel  who is 7 is currently undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) and is participating in the Beads of Courage programme. He brought his beads into school one day and talked to his class all about his journey and what he has been going through. Having the beads gave Samuel the courage and a very special way of describing all his hospital visits, chemotherapy, blood tests etc. He was nervous going into school that day, afraid of what people might say but came home with a huge grin, saying it was great and the children were so interested and asked lots of questions. He felt so relieved  and happy afterwards and many children told him how brave he was. 
After hearing about this, some of the girls in his class decided to do some fundraising for the Childcare Cancer Foundation.These girls Ella, Fia, Jessica, Zoe, Isabelle and Abigail  from 2nd class in Monkstown Educate Together organised a sale outside their house and raised €46.87 in one afternoon. They made a lovely card which they gave to Samuel's parents Louise and Benjamin who are very grateful to them. They  hope that every child undergoing treatment for cancer can have an opportunity to participate in the Beads of Courage programme and can have the support of play therapists, also funded by the Childhood Cancer Foundation. Samuel's mum Louise commented 'often we become overly focused on the medical side of treatment and of course that is crucial, but the emotional wellbeing of the child is so important and programmes like the Beads of Courage help a child to understand and talk about what they are going through. It has given Samuel a new confidence to be able to talk about things that previously he found very difficult'.

Best wishes from all of us at Childhood Cancer Foundation to Samuel for his continued treatment and thanks to his mum Louise for her support.  Louise recently did the VHI Women's Mini Marathon for CCF and you can sponsor her on idonate  and support the Beads of Courage programme.  Thanks!


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