Special Educational Needs Organisers

When your child is in primary school or post- primary, you (and/or the school) can contact your local Special Educational Needs Organiser (SENO) to see what arrangements can be made for your child if he/she has physical or learning needs post cancer treatment.

The nationwide network of SENOs is operated by the National Council for Special Education. A SENO deals with applications for supports for children with special educational needs from all schools in their area. These can include access to SNA for support and access to resource teaching hours or learning support teaching hours for teaching support.

The SENO will decide on the application and tell you and the school the outcome of their decision. SENOs can also advise schools and parents on the facilities, services, and resources available for children with special educational needs. You will find a full list of SENOs on the website of the National Council for Special Education, ncse.ie.

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