Dealing with diagnosis

Following diagnosis, things happen fast.  Families find themselves in a whirlwind of hospital visits, information, treatment plans and medications.  They are overwhelmed and frightened, often comparing the experience to being on a rollercoaster.  To assist parents and families during this frightening time there is a general explanation of cancer types, treatment types and medical terms here. There are also links to other internationally recognised websites for more detailed explanations of different cancers and treatments.

We recommend that all parents inform themselves as best they can in order to talk to your doctors about the best treatment plans for your child.  If you are finding the whole experience overwhelming perhaps another family member can do some research for you and accompany you to appointments with the medical team in order to take notes and ask questions.  Based on the experience of parents who have gone through treatment we recommend that you purchase a diary and keep a record of all meetings with your doctor.  Many of the terms used will be new to you and you will be meeting lots of new people.  It is helpful to take notes of the names of medical staff and of treatment names.  It may prove necessary to keep records of medicine dosage and times given and a diary can be very helpful for this.

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