Beads of Courage Programme In St John’s Ward, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin.

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Childhood Cancer Foundation is delighted to introduce the Beads of Courage programme to children in treatment of St Johns Haematology/Oncology Ward.  The programme has been welcomed by kids and parents on the ward.  Caoimhe recently received her initial beads and her mum Lorraine said “It was nice the way we sat around the table in the playroom and we all looked at the beads and talked about Caoimhe’s story. It helped her to express herself”.  Thanks to Lorraine and Caoimhe for sharing photos of Caoimhe’s Beads of Courage with us.



A very important part of the Beads of Courage programme are the Bead Bags that children are given to store their beads.  Childhood Cancer Foundation is very grateful to the many volunteers around the country who have been sewing bead bags since November to ensure that we had enough to begin the programme.  There are over 200 children in treatment for cancer on the ward and the programme will be extended to all the patients on the ward so we need a continuous supply of these bags.  If you or your sewing circle would like to make bags please see the pattern guidelines at this link Beads of Courage Bags.  We need bags in designs for girls and boys please.



Beads of Courage® is sponsored in The Republic of Ireland by Childhood Cancer Foundation. Beads of Courage® is a trademark of Beads of Courage®Inc. and is used under licence from Be Child Cancer Aware (UK) the holder of the international licence and provider of the Programme.

Beads of Courage International                                                            Be Child Cancer Aware

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