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Childhood Cancer Foundation is marking our second anniversary on International Childhood Cancer Day 15 February 2016.  We are encouraging people to wear gold ribbons to help raise awareness of childhood cancer. The gold ribbon is the international symbol of childhood cancer.  Advocate groups across the world work together on this day to improve the situation for children and families affected by childhood cancer.

This is our third year to join with groups in Ireland and across the world to raise awareness of the issues surrounding childhood cancer.  This year there is a global campaign around a song called We Are One.  Children from around the world can record their voices singing the chorus to be included on the single release on 15 February.  It is wonderful to see that children from across Ireland joined the chorus against childhood cancer.  We hope that by raising awareness this song will help to improve conditions for children and families affected by cancer around the world.

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Text costs €4. Childhood Cancer Foundation will receive a minimum of €3.25. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278.