Eoin Cronly

Eoin's Beads

Eoin is 13 and is currently in treatment for Leukaemia.  Eoin had been in treatment for a while before the Beads of Courage were introduced to St John's Ward and received 'catch up' beads - one bead for every 100 treatments that he received for his childhood cancer.  Eoin told us in his own words what the beads meant to him and how they enabled him to talk about his treatments with his mum.  They also showed him how brave he was and the courage he has to keep going through all the treatment required to treat his cancer.  Thanks to Eoin for sharing his experience with us and best wishes for the remainder of his treatment. 

“I wasn't too sure about the beads when my mam told me about them. We talked to the play therapist about them and she explained how they work. She said you get a bead for every treatment or chemo. I guessed that I'd had about 400 procedures done so she gave me 4 one hundred beads to start me off. I was in the hospital for the weekend so mam and I decided to count up all the chemo and procedures I had done so far. I was shocked when we counted up over 1700 so I should have gotten 17 one hundred beads!!! This made me realise just how much I had been through. Mam and I talked a lot that weekend about my treatment and how I felt about it all. It was the beads that helped me to understand just how much I had been through and now I have all my beads as a reminder of just how brave I have been. I am really grateful to CCF that I have my beads.”

Thanks to everyone who supports Childhood Cancer Foundation to enable us to bring the Beads of Courage to children affected by cancer in Ireland.



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