James Morgan

James' Beads

James is two and has spent much of his life in Our Lady's Children's Hospital.  He has had a bone marrow transplant and is currently at home playing with his tractor and having fun.  We wish James all the best for a full recovery and hope he avoids further hospital stays.  You can follow James' story on the Facebook page James's Journey.  James has received different beads for the many different medical procedures he has endured.  His mum Karen keeps all his beads in a beautiful  Bead Bag made with love by one of our volunteers from around Ireland.  Karen has this to say about the beads:

"This bag is full of stories. Stories of courage, bravery, strength, honor and hope. Hope that one day this will be a distant memory, a reminder. A reminder of what you have been through how brave you were and how you have inspired so many with your story. You are amazing 💙."


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